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Tea Tree Oil NOT Safe For Cats: 

Warning:  Tea Tree Oil is Toxic to Cats!

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Tea tree oil is a very effective homeopathic remedy which works wonders on humans for many ailments and conditions. However, it SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON CATS.

Tea tree oil is toxic to cats when ingested. Tragically, there are many reports of cats who have died after their well-meaning caregivers administered the remedy in an effort to help them.

Though tea oil can be applied topically to cats to heal skin conditions, it has to be done with extreme caution because if the cat (or another cat) is able to lick it, it is toxic and may cause severe and chronic illness or death.

Do keep in mind that cats are very agile and can reach almost every part of their body to lick. If you have companion cats, never administer Tea Tree Oil topically to any of your cats, even in what you believe to be an unreachable location like the inside of the ear, as they may lick it off of eachother.

Angels4Animals recommends that due to the possible lethal effects, this remedy is too risky for use on cats, and should be entirely avoided.

Always remember that cats have extremely delicate internal systems and can be severely and sometimes lethally impacted by a range of substances. In addition to Tea Tree Oil, these substances include garlic, onions, many common houseplants and outdoor plants, and other oils, including oil of oregano which is also a popular and effective healing remedy for humans. Never allow cats to ingest any of the above substances. Also important to note: ever notice how cat foods never include pork? Pork can cause severe illness in some cats so don't take the chance - never administer pork to cats.

Thank you for caring for your cats!



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