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What To Do If Your Cat Goes Missing
(Winnipeg Area)

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Be aware that even if your cat has a tattoo, it may have become unreadable over time, so it may not be of use in finding your cat (the tattoo can fade, or become distorted due to natural changes on your cats ear, and you may not have noticed). So don't rely on the tattoo alone.

If you haven't already done so, you should send a photo of your cat and a "Lost" notice to all the no-kill shelters in Winnipeg so that they can keep an eye out in case your cat is turned over to their shelter (include the tattoo # in case it is readable).


  • Darcy's Animal Rescue (Darcy's Arc)

  • Quagga

  • Resuce Siamese

  • Winnipeg Pet Rescue

You will find contact information for each of these no-kill shelters listed at the bottom of this article. Do this also with the Humane Society (although they are less helpful if the tattoo is unreadable).

Also, if you moved or changed your phone number since the tattoo was done, you need to update your contact info with whomever did the tattoo - otherwise your cat can't be traced back to you. So you should still do this now if that's the case. Many people dont think of this. Do it also if you move in the future, even if your cat has been missing for some time. There have been cases of cats being reunited with their families years after they went missing, and after the family moved - all because tattoo contact information was kept up to date.

Don't give up hope, and keep looking - it does sometimes happen that cats find their way home after being gone for 6 months or a year - sometimes even longer. Your cat may be lost and living on the street, and could eventually cross paths with the right person who will put in the effot to help him find his way home.

You should continue to keep "lost" notices up for your everywhere possible in your neighbourhood and surrounding area. Also do this at vets offices in the surrounding area.  And continue to post Kijiji ads and newspaper classified ads. Remember, even though he may have gone missing some time ago, he may be living on the streets or he may be bouncing around from one temporary home to another, so it is possible that at some point someone will recongnize him when they see a "lost" poster or ad. But this can't happen if you don't keep the posters or ads out there.

Lastly, as we write this advice, we dont know whether your cat was let outside intentionally or got out accidentally, but cats should always be kept indoors for their own protection and safety. They face many risks and dangers when let out. They depend on you to ensure their safety.  If you let your cat out on a leash, you should never attach the leash to a collar, rather always use a harness, as the cat can easily slip out of a collar - many cats go missing this way. Also, dont leave your cat unsupervised on a leash - believe it or not there are people who will purposely set them loose simply to be cruel. 

Don't give up - he needs you to keep looking. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you and your little guy (girl).

By the way, if you find your cat (whether or not it was through these tips), please email us to tell us. We'd like to post some reunion stories to help give others hope that happy endings do happen.

Thank you for caring for your cat.

Shelters to Alert About Your Lost Cat

Please note that the shelters are caring for many more cats than you see on their websites. Please don't simply rely on photos on their sites to determine whether they may have your cat. Contact them direcly and provide them with a photo and info sheet. This will also be helpful if your cat should be turned over to them at some point in the future.

Darcy's Animal Rescue
(Darcy's Arc)
730B Century Street
thearc [at]

Rescue Siamese & Stray Cats
960 St Mary's Road
Winnipeg Mb
rescue_siamesewpg [at] 

Quagga Cat Rescue
970 St.Mary's Road
(204) 237-1958 

Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter
3062 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 832-7387

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