The camera obviously loves me but...



Do you love me too? 





Here, let me get that piece of lint for you....



Oh, did you need this cord....?





Mind if I borrow your pen....?






Is it really necessary to keep pointing that camera at me?




Just hanging around...






How's my tux...?







Just wondering what it's like to be in your shoes....




I'm super-sociable.



Check out the gleam in my eyes!

(Not to mention my handsome physique...)






How could anyone say 'no' to a cutie like me?




Wanna play...?




I'm told I have a very "lean and fluid physique" and that this makes me a "fine specimen of a cat".
I dont know what any of that means, but it sure sounds impressive...!





People say I'm "poetry in motion" when I move.
You should see!





Check out those long, sleek athletic arms!



I like to be buddies with everyone.





Whadaya say...?
Am I cute or what?




Just think, I could of ended up just another statistic like so many others who were put to sleep in the shelter I came from. I'm sure glad my people adopted me. I wish all cats were as lucky. Maybe one day there will be no more homeless cats, and no more need for feline euthanasia....




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