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Paula Abdul, Our latest Angel For Animals! 

We love people who help animals.The Pet Resuce Examiner reports that Paula Abdul is partnering with The American Humane Association to promote on-site housing for women victims of domestic violence and their cats and dogs. The American Idol Judge / pop star will be the official spokesperson for the cause and will appear in a public service announcement that will soon air on You Tube.

Called PAWS (Pet’s and Women’s Shelters), this awesome new program is the first national proposal to support on-site housing for pets at women's shelters, and its long over due. Very few shelters currently accept pets of the people seeking refuge. Pet Rescue Examiner says, "PAWS is the brainchild of Allie Phillips who is the director of public policy for the American Humane Association. As a lawyer she was keenly aware of the worry and fear women have when they must leave behind their beloved pets.

Statistics reveal that 85% of women, who come to a shelter for protection report that the family cats and dogs have been threatened, physically hurt or killed by the abuser. Many women put their own lives in danger and stay in unsafe conditions, just to protect their pets.

The goal of PAWS is to raise awareness so more shelters will open their doors to pets and to have communities develop more options for these four-legged victims. With the help of a nationally recognized star like Abdul, the American Humane Association is hopeful PAWS will be a huge success".

We officially certify Paula as an Angel For Animals!

What you can do:  Why not start/ lead a campaign in your local area to make the case to local women's shelters to make provisions for their pets?

Thank you for caring about animals


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put to sleep in  shelters every day. All they ever
wanted was protection and love.

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